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Installera solpaneler

An easy way to renewable energy

A full service provider that turns your rooftop into a renewable power source


What do we do?

We make it easy for commercial and industrial owners to convert their rooftop into a source of renewable energy.

Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition to achieve a sustainable and fossil-free electricity use by offering our customers a franchised Build-Own-Operate service model.

As a full service provider, we establish a consortium with property owners (the company's customers), solar panel manufacturers, EPC contractors, installers, project developers and suppliers of electrical car battery chargers.

In an easy way your rooftop is transformed into a renewable energy power source. Creating a more sustainable and affordable energy system that benefits not only the environment, but also you as our customer.

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Shift to green energy with ease

From blueprint to reality

The installation in Lomma is now complete and fully operational. It has been an remarkable journey from inception to achievement and we can now proudly  present the completion of our latest project in Lomma.



With dedication, meticulous planning, and skilled craftsmanship, our team has successfully brought the installation to life, turning mere concepts into a fully operational reality.

We make it easy to convert your rooftop into a clean energy source.


Our trusted partner - Rexel. 

Together with the solar cell installer Rexel, we offer innovative solutions to our customers to support the green transition to fossil-free electricity use.



With the help of their solid competence and resources in this area, we are able to offer a safe and secure installation of solar cell systems to our customers.


Solar energy brings both economic and environmental value to its business.


One of the biggest challenges for roof-leasing in Sweden is the high initial cost of purchasing and installing solar panels. It is difficult for real estate owners to justify the investment, especially if they do not plan to occupy the building for an extended period of time.


Additionally, the legislation regarding the rights and responsibilities of building owners and tenants can be complex, which can make it difficult for companies to navigate and secure leases for rooftop space.

We make it easy.

Installera solpaneler

Our offer

The energy demand has increased enormously in recent years and electricity prices are rising rocket speed. Many property owners have begun to increasingly realize the benefits with building solar panels on their roofs to produce renewable solar energy both from an economic and sustainable perspective.

Our business concept is based on leasing unused roof space from property owners and offer them a comprehensive solution where we are turning their unused roof into a solar power station. 


As the leasee of your roof,

we are responsible for both investments and
the installation of the solar

cell plant.

As a micro-producer, we also handle operation, transport and billing of the generated excess electricity from the solar energy to the Swedish distribution and transmission network.

As a reliable partner, we take overall responsibility throughout the process together with our suppliers, installers and
project developer.

Let us discuss
your project

Email us or fill out the interest form to find out more about how we can work together for a sustainable future.

We are active all over Sweden.

 234 41 Lomma, Sweden

Installera solpaneler
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